About Ghost Bound

Todd Greyson, a 14-year-old fan of all things spooky, is visited by a frighteningly real ghost on Halloween night. The ghost offers Todd a once in a lifetime chance to board a spectacular spirit train and travel to other worlds- beginning an adventure that is far more than he bargained for.

About the Author

PrinceofSpirits / Ash Horne
Ash is a digital artist from Southern California who has always had a passion for drawing and crafting stories. He hopes to introduce others to his characters and worlds through Ghost Bound!

Special Thanks

Sinnawii - Editor and Panel Layouts
Magpie - Website Manager and Story Consult

Patreon Supporters

  • NPC
  • Isaac Kaplan
  • Cyber.exe
  • ChromiaCat
  • Seborschtel
  • Marina Marris
  • Zack Johnson
  • xel


Drawn, lined, and colored using a Wacom Intuos Pro in Paint Tool SAI 2
Panelling, Assembly, Effects, and Text in Clip Studio Paint EX